Lori Ovitz

Lori Ovitz

For 20 years, Lori Ovitz has applied makeup to top celebrities and models, as well as to major figures in business and sports. Her work has appeared in many national magazines and publications, television commercials and newscasts, and videos.

Lori began perfecting the art of makeup for people undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer-related treatments. For the past eight years, she has been applying makeup in private sessions without charge for patients at the University of Chicago Hospitals. Lori currently sits on the board of directors for The University of Chicago Hospitals Cancer Research Foundation and she is a board member of Comer Children's Hospital.  Lori is also on the Executive Committee of Chicago Rally for Kids with Cancer. 

From the many cancer patients that Ovitz has met, she learned a great deal more than just makeup solutions; she also learned firsthand about the enormous energy that looking good gives to a person with cancer. Ovitz has written Facing the Mirror with Cancer with the tools of the makeup kit in her hand and the love of helping people in her heart.

Lori Ovitz is available to demonstrate her techniques all over the world through seminars, workshops, and keynote speaking.

To book Lori Ovitz for your event, please call our office at 312.550.8485 OR send an e-mail to Lori at lori@facingthemirror.org.

"I created a weekly program for Comer Children Hospital.
I try to bring smiles to the faces of children undergoing cancer treatment."
~ Lori Ovitz

Belle Press: Our Story

We created Belle Press in 2003 to market and distribute Facing the Mirror with Cancer A Guide to Using Makeup to make a Difference. The decision to self-publish was driven by several issues:

» We are able to control the quality of the book.

» 50% of our personal profits are going to cancer research. It is important to use methods of distribution that are a fraction of the cost of traditional distribution channels.go to Distribution and Retail Outlets

» We are able to direct our publicity resources to supporting cancer-related charities and foundations through sponsorship of worthwhile events. For example, we sponsored the Kroger-St. Jude ATP Tennis Tournament at the Racquet Club of Memphis in February and we are a platinum sponsor of the Lance Armstrong Foundation "Live to Ride Gala: in Austin, Texas in April.

What makes Belle Press so special is the person who is Belle. My grandmother, Belle Michel, was an extraordinary woman who made an enormous positive impact in my life. She remains ever dear in my heart. Our publishing house is named in her honor and her memory.

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